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Another update and a new color story!

Great news! Raw Silk and Casement are back in stock at Fusion and our shipment is on its way here. We have a tentative delivery date of Friday 6/7/19. Once the boxes are unpacked and everything is counted and put away I will update the web site with our new stock. Look for that to happen late in the afternoon on Friday, assuming everything comes in on time.

Today, being the first day of the month, Fusion announced their color story for the Month of June. It has a coastal, relaxing vibe to it with both a cool white (Casement) and a warm white (Limestone), a soft green (Brook) and soft blue (Champness), and its it all anchored in Fusion’s Coal Black. Casement and Coal Black have always been top 5 sellers, but Brook is already moving at a pace several times over what it sold last year. It is a beautiful green that leans just the slightest bit towards blue, and its color can change a bit depending on the lighting in the room.

You can click or tap the images to go to the collection.

One more thing… Not long ago the folks at Fusion hinted that we would see something new in June, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement!