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August 2020 inventory update

I hope everyone is safe and healthy in this, what is it, 5th? month of COVID quarantine! A lot has happened since my last update, and a lot has stayed the same. Let’s go through it real quick :

First of all, Fusion has been getting caught up on producing the more popular colors in larger numbers. Some colors are still available in limited numbers and some are shipping regularly. Some colors are out-of-stock and will continue to be out intermittently for a little while longer, but we are getting much closer to “normal”.

Second, our shipment arrived today (8/11/20) and will be available online at 6pm, or shortly after this post goes live. Raw Silk is in good numbers this time!

Third, testers will continue to be in short supply for the next few weeks. Fusion has been focusing on making the pints, so testers have taken a back seat for now.

Fourth, Stain & Finishing Oil should be back in stock towards the end of the month, as well as the Staalmeester brushes that we have been sold out of.

Fifth, Milk Paint by Fusion will be here in October! Be on the lookout for info on the site about that product launch. I absolutely love milk paint, and while it doesn’t act quite like Mineral Paint once you use it and understand how it works I think most people will love it too.

Lastly, I have some personal news. Two weeks ago I had an accident at the shop and broke my left wrist.  It required surgery, which I had last Friday, and I am now recovering in a cast and sling.  Doing this kind of work one-handed is no easy feat, but I was lucky to have my son with me to help these last two weeks.  But, unfortunately, he goes back to LSU on Friday and I will be on my own again until I can find some new help.  My original helper, Frankie, has been home with her children since the lockdown started so I’m not sure when I will get her back.  I am telling you this simply to ask for your patience in fulfilling orders.  I will be working slowly for a couple of weeks (at least) and orders tend to be heaviest when a shipment arrives, so the timing on this one is pretty bad. I will only have him for one day and, because I have a follow-up appointment tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, shipping will not begin until Thursday.

We have been asking for your patience a lot over the last few months, and this little incident makes it worse, I know, but I hope that you can understand the situation that we are in. Trust me, the last thing you want to do in a pandemic is go to the emergency room and/or have surgery, but here we are.

Thank you for your support and understanding during these trying times. We will get through it!

Mike @ Vintique