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Fusion announces new colors!

Introducing the Lisa Marie Holmes Collection

When the rumors started circulating that Fusion was planning to release new colors it goes without saying how excited we were! It made sense that they were retiring some colors to make room for the new ones but all we could do was hurry up and wait. There was a lot of speculation on what the colors would be, and when we heard that there would be two (2!) purples we could barely contain ourselves! Let me just say that I love purple 🙂

Well, the day has come! Jennylyn has partnered with Lisa Marie Holmes to release a brand new collection of colors inspired by the colors of healing herbs.

You can read the entire blog post from Fusion here.

“The philosophy behind this collection is about bringing wellness into your life.” says Jennylyn. Like we’ve always said, Painting is good for the soul!

The new collection is made up of 5 earthy colors, all named and color-themed after a healing herb used by Lisa Marie. Here is a quick rundown of the new colors:

Twilight Geranium – A rich, deep aubergine

Sacred Sage – A medium, neutral gray

Enchanted Echinacea – A warm, rustic pink

Goddess Ashwagandha – (a healing herb) A neutral off-white

Divine Lavender – Can it be explained any better than that?

Here is a quick preview of Twilight Geranium!

The new collection is due to arrive in our warehouse on Thursday, June 13 2019. Our first shipment will be a limited number of jars per color in both testers and pints, as initial orders were restricted by Fusion for the launch. Our second shipment will be towards the end of June.

We are allowing pre-orders for these colors and they will be shipped in the order they are received, starting Friday, June 14 2019. Once we exhaust our initial supply we will let you know when your order is expected to ship. If your order contains both current and new colors, your order may be delayed so that we can ship it altogether. If you’d prefer to receive your normal order without waiting for the new colors to arrive an the next shipment I would recommend placing two separate orders, one for new colors and one for the old ones. If you pay double shipping and we are able to ship them together we will refund any shipping charges over the actual cost.

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