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Hurricane Ida shipping update


We are back at the shop [with power but no internet] and have shipped all pending orders. We should be back to our regular shipping times of 1 business day, pending no additional outages or internet failures. I will keep this message up until we can verify that our shipping schedule is back to normal, but I do not foresee any future issues.

Thank you for your patience while we worked through the difficulties of this storm. I very much appreciate your business.


Hurricane Ida passed about 40 miles west of our home and warehouse. While we luckily sustained no damage, we are without power, water and internet service. We hope to be back up and running in the next week or two, but we have no concrete estimate of when we will begin shipping again. My best guess at this point is somewhere around the 13th of September. I will continue to update this page as I have more information and a clearer estimate of shipping dates.


Hurricane Ida is bearing down on us and is expected, as of this writing, to hit our area sometime late Sunday night and into Monday. It is almost certain that this will impact our ability to ship orders early next week, and possibly longer.

We often brace for these storms and they take a last minute turn, or weaken to the point that normal work can be resumed within a day of its passing, but we have to always plan for the worst. It looks like we will be on the eastern side of this storm, which carries the most rain and wind.

Shipping impacts for all orders:

So, having said that, all orders placed after 10am Friday will have a tentative ship date of Tuesday, August 31. If it appears that we will not be able to ship on that day, I will post updates here with any information that we have.

I DO NOT recommend placing time-sensitive orders until this storm has passed and we have a better idea of what our shipping schedule will be. All other orders will be held in a “Processing” status until they can be shipped. I will be happy to cancel any orders if necessary, but keep in mind that our internet access may be limited so please be patient until we are back up and running.

I hope everyone in Ida’s path can stay safe.

Mike @ Vintique