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New shipment, new brush, and some minor web site changes.

Our sizable shipment came in on Friday, so we are pretty well stocked on everything, save for a few colors of testers. We had an issue with our Tough Coat where we were shipped the wrong product, but that should be fixed this coming week as they expedited a replacement shipment to us as soon as we notified them of the mistake.

We also, by request, brought in Fusion’s Angled Synthetic Brush. Since we carried the full ChalkPro line, and later added the Staalmeester line we figured that another synthetic brush would be redundant, but our customers have spoken and we brought it in! We do carry the vast majority of the Fusion line, but if there are any products that you would like to see us carry (Fusion or otherwise) please drop us a note using our contact page here or leave a comment below.

As for the web site, we made some minor changes that should make it easier to see the inventory status of different sizes and colors. All Fusion 37ml testers are now under their own menu and have their own product pages. This will allow you to see if a product is in stock.

The way it was set up before you had to click on the product and then click on the dropdown menu and select your size before you could see whether that color/size was available. That change will also allow us to keep better inventory records from an administrative standpoint, hopefully allowing us to predict our needs better and order more efficiently.

This small change is also an early step in a process that we started a couple of months ago to bring you a brand new, more functional web site. We are hoping to have that project done by the end of the summer, and it will hopefully combine our two sites into one making it easier to order products from all of our paint lines together in one order. More on that to come later.

That’s it for now, but we are expecting some exciting news and will let you know here as soon as we hear it!