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New shipping policy, updated 10/11/22

Most orders are shipped out via USPS Priority Mail within 1-2 business days. Average arrival time is 3 business days once shipped. Due to COVID and the 2020 holiday season (as well as other factors), many shipments have been experiencing delays of up to 14 days or more. Please understand that this is beyond our control and be patient. Check your tracking info and if it gets stuck somewhere, let us know and we will submit a missing package inquiry with the Post Office.

With the rising cost of shipping services, especially the USPS, it has come time to increase our minimum order amount for free shipping. Effective immediately, 1/27/21, free shipping is available on all orders $99 and up excluding all Debi’s DIY products. Our retailer agreement does not allow free shipping on the DIY Paint line, so we are not able to offer it. What does that mean, exactly? Let me clarify:

Any order containing a DIY branded product will incur a shipping charge, even if the order contains $99 of eligible products. I have created a shipping table that gives the lowest possible shipping prices that we can allow determined by weight.

But what about your Fusion order? Fusion shipping prices are the absolute lowest we can manage and still offer the level of service that we are accustomed to giving, with 1-2 day turnarounds and 2-3 day Priority Mail shipments for most orders.

Fusion (and most other products) shipping tiers:

$2.99 – Color cards and most brushes under 8oz

$3.99 – Total weight under 16oz

$4.99 – Total weight under 2.5# (one jar of Fusion paint, for example)

$6.99 – Most orders above one jar of paint but under 10#

$9.99 – Orders over 10# (you should reach the $99 minimum at this level if you are ordering paint)

So, if you are used to getting free shipping at the previous $49 minimum order, most orders will pay a low shipping cost of $6.99 for up to 4 jars of paint, or similarly-weighted items.

DIY Paint shipping tiers:

$4.99 – under 16oz (most 8 oz jars fit this category)

$6.99 – under 4# (one quart or two pints of DIY Paint)

$9.99 – under 8# (two quarts)

$14.99 – under 15# (four quarts)

$19.99 – under 30#

$29.99 – under 45# (about 12 quarts)

$39.99 to $59.99 – 45# and up

*Note: This is a complicated calculation, and I am working very hard to make sure that the cart calculates shipping accurately. If for any reason you suspect it is not, please let me know.

— Mike @ Vintique