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Fusion introduces nine new colors – Summer 2022 update

Back in August, Fusion announced nine brand new colors to add to the lineup! The new colors are largely deep, saturated and elegant colors that trend toward a more classic look and feel.

Here is our version of a digital color block sheet:

And here they are one by one:


A complicated blue green that is boasting with depth and intention. This shade will make you stop and dive into its abyss of color.

Pair with Park Bench for a regal look. Pair with Limestone for a classic feel.


Just as its namesake suggests, this fresh mid tone green is overflowing with colour. A classic and inspiring pop of colour for any space.

Pair with Peony for a fresh aesthetic. Pair with Champlain for an organic look.


A vibrant yet sophisticated purple, this shade brings a moody and deliciously calculated drop of colour into any space.

Pair with Lamp White for a contemporary twist. Pair with Eucalyptus for a pop of personality.


An aged and weathered olive green with subtle bronze undertones. This complicated colour is earthy, tranquil and grounding.

Pair with Bedford for tonal balance. Pair with Cobblestone for a rustic natural vibe.


A deep, powerful scarlet red inspired by our family’s tartan worn through the low and highlands of Scotland. This shade is as timeless as Scotland herself.

Pair with Pressed Fern for a traditional feel. Pair with Midnight Blue for sophisticated elegance.

Manor Green

An opulent, deep green inspired by traditional homes and landscapes. This saturated shade leans confidently into its black undertones and has lived in historic beauty that will be loved for centuries more.

Pair with Ash for powerful flair. Pair with Hazelwood for an earthen statement.


Rooted in grey, this dark neutral is balanced in its warm brown and bronze undertones. A complex, dark shade that is bound to make its way into the foundation of any colour palette.

Pair with Damask for a tone on tone feel. Pair with Casement for a fresh contrasted statement.


A classic navy with a vibrant twist. These rich tones will effortlessly tap a little energy into any space.

Pair with Rose Water for a romantic feel. Pair with Chateau for a grounding contrast.


This baroque inspired burgundy will capture you with its enduring character. Confident and distinct, this shade creates an unwavering mood.

Pair with Coal Black for moody dramatic effect. Pair with Raw Silk for a refreshing mood.