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Our shipment finally arrived today!

Its been a long road, but we are finally back up to speed! Our shipment finally arrived after a bit of drama in customs, and our shelves are stocked!

I am still in the process of balancing our inventory between the retail location and the warehouse, so a few items that are not in stock here today may show up over the weekend as we balance and bring a few things back to the warehouse that we need here. Our stock levels for some products are not quite where I want them (Coal Black, Limestone, Little Lamb, Soapstone and a few others are all a little light), but that was expected since we order on a 2 week projection and this shipment took almost 4 weeks to come in.

That will be remedied on our next order which will bring us up to near-full availability. We will be back to our normal shipping schedule as of Monday 10/28, with most orders shipping out the next business day.

A few inventory notes:

Extender is back in stock!

Staalmeester #14 Sash will be in our next shipment mid-November.

Staalmeester #20 Round Wax Brush is discontinued and we are selling them out at 40%off!

The new Gel Stains will be on our next shipment!

We ran short on the Lisa Marie Holmes Collection samples, so those will be restocked mid-November.

I think that covers everything. Thanks again for your patience everyone!
Mike @ Vintique