Returns & Refunds

Returns & Refunds

We accept returns for paint or wax products if the product was shipped in error and we are notified within 7 days of receiving your shipment. We also welcome exchanges or returns of unopened and unused paint or brushes when we are notified within 7 days of delivery, but the cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Even one jar is expensive to ship, so it is often cost-prohibitive to return paint.

Paint colors cannot be exactly reproduced in digital pictures, so please be sure that the colors you choose will work for your project.  If you are unsure please contact us and we will work with you to choose the best color, or point you to some online images of projects that used the color you are considering.

Dry items, such as paint brushes or sanding pads may be returned unopened and unused.  Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.  Please email or call us first so we know to expect your product and how it is being shipped.  We will issue an RMA number for you to include with your package. We can also provide a shipping label at lower cost than your local post office, but the charge for shipping will be deducted from your refund.

Shipments that are refused or returned to sender will be automatically refunded minus any shipping charges.  We are not able to refund shipping charges.

Lost Packages

On the rare occasion that your package seems to be lost but your tracking number says it was delivered we encourage you to think like a postal worker.  Was it hidden on your porch behind the potted plant?  Did they leave it out of view on a side or back porch or anywhere else that it may be hidden from street view?  Did they leave it with the neighbor?  Does your building have a parcel locker?  Did another member of the family collect the package and put it on your desk and you didn’t see it, right there, on your desk, where you sit and work (yes, it happened!)?  These are all possibilities and there are many more.  And, more often than not, they show up a day or two later after being marked as “delivered”.

If your package shows as delivered and does not turn up within a week, let us know and we will send out a replacement product.  If it is not marked as “delivered” then we will use all available tools from the shipping carrier to locate it within a reasonable time frame.

Leakers and Damaged items

Shipping liquids is a risky business, especially when you try to keep shipping costs as low as possible.  Inevitably, damage is going to happen and paint jars may leak.  We seal all jars in plastic bags for this exact reason.  If one of your jars leaks in shipment don’t worry, its probably not as bad as you think.  Take a picture of the leaker and inspect it through the plastic.  Usually leakers are caused from caps or foam seals shifting in transit and very little paint is actually lost.  To put it in perspective, a tablespoon of paint can look like an entire jar leaked into the bag.

If it doesn’t appear that the jar is actually damaged the take it out and clean it as best as you can and see how much paint is actually lost.  Let us know and we will work out an appropriate credit for that item.  Minor leaks DO NOT qualify for a full refund or replacement, and cannot be returned due to carrier regulations.

If a jar is actually damaged in shipment and a significant amount of paint is lost or the jar is not salvageable we will issue a full refund for the jar or replace it.