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Storms may cause delays…


Update 8/26/20

Looks like we are out of harm’s way. Our post office closed on Monday so no shipments went out (even though I packed as many as I could) but everything was back on track Tuesday. I don’t foresee them closing again, but we didn’t expect it on Monday either so who knows! Average shipping lead time is still running about 2 days, occasionally three. I hope everyone in western LA and eastern TX finds their way to safety. This storm is a monster!


Two tropical storms (possibly hurricanes) are headed our way over the next few days. While I do not know for certain, I would guess that we may see some shipping delays as access to the shop and power outages may become a problem.

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The first storm (Marco) is scheduled to land Monday morning, which may interrupt Monday’s outgoing shipments. If you have already placed an order but have not yet received a shipment notification you fall into this category.

The second storm (Laura) is larger and stronger and appears to be heading for landfall on Wednesday or so. This storm could have impacts on all orders placed from Sunday through the end of the week and beyond.

We are no strangers to storms and are preparing as best as we can. We will be riding out Marco, but if Laura comes our way we may have to evacuate. The website will remain up and accepting orders, but delays in shipping may occur.

I will keep this post updated as we move forward, as long as I have power and internet services.

Stay safe everyone,