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The state of HH Milk Paint

***Update 5/5/20

We have re-introduced Homestead House milk Paint to our online store! We have brought back the best-selling colors, and will continue to cull our inventory until we have only the top 20-25 colors. Along with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and Fusion’s upcoming Milk Paint line, we will have almost 100 colors to choose from!


Several months ago, with the updates to California’s Proposition 65, Homestead House stopped shipping their milk paint products to retailers in the United States because their bag labeling did not contain the proper warnings.

While none of the ingredients are considered harmful in the general use of milk paint, the powdered form of milk paint can have adverse effects if it is breathed in excess.

We were told by the fine folks at Homestead House that once the bags were updated that we would once again be able to order and sell their products in the U.S. again. After several months of waiting and no ability to restock these items, we have decided to discontinue the entire line.

We have since discounted all Homestead House Milk Paint and Furniture Paint cans and will not be restocking these products in the future. We absolutely LOVE Homestead House milk paint and will miss this line greatly. It was a wonderful addition to the Miss Mustard Seed line, which we will continue to carry into the future. If you have never tried milk paint I would HIGHLY suggest giving it a try. We have already sold out of several of the colors, but there are still several gorgeous colors left to be scooped up (I’m looking at you Champlain!).